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Novel reviews

Dead Men Can Kill

“Look out for a new hero on the mystery/thriller landscape!  Jim West, retired military investigator, is resourceful, intuitive, pragmatic and always competent.  All of West’s abilities are tested when he matches wits with psychopathic serial killer William White, a man whose appreciation for murder is only surpassed by his delight in domination.  Bob Doerr has crafted a must-read addition to the genre in Dead Men Can Kill, which evolves from absorbing story to absolute page-turner as West closes in on the killer who is supposedly already dead.  Highly recommended!.” Dallin Malmgren, author of The Whole Nine Yards, The Ninth Issue, Is This for a Grade?

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The action scenes were suspenseful, riveting and a bit scary!!" Bruce Ruud, Retired Federal Agent/Investigator

Cold Winter's Kill

GREAT SUSPENSE!  In Cold Winter’s Kill Bob Doerr grabs your attention from the beginning and holds it until the last sentence.  Hard to put down!”
-- Shelba Nicholson, Former Women’s Editor, Texarkana Gazette  

“A must read for anyone who loves a good mystery/thriller.  My wife and I loved it and can’t wait for the next one!'
-- Steve Polk, Lt Gen (ret), US Air Force

Loose Ends Kill

"Doerr does it again! Loose Ends Kill is a great read! Reminds me of a Mickey Spillane effort and Jim West could be the next Mike Hammer. Definitely a great book for all the armchair crime fighters out there. Loose Ends Kill is a keeper! Jim West is going to be busy! You'll see him again - I look forward to his next book. This is real life stuff and Bob Doerr's been there!" J. Al Cannon Jr., Sheriff of Charleston County, SC 

"Doerr does it again! Loose Ends Kill is another fantastic Jim West novel. His personal experiences in law enforcement have shaped another gritty murder mystery that keeps you turning pages...from cover to cover...until you reach the exciting end!"  -- Mike Angley, award winning author of Child Finder and Child Finder Redemption

 Another Colorado Kill     

"Bob Doerr turns up the heat in his latest thriller, Another Colorado Kill.  It's a tale packed with suspense, keeping readers on the edge as they try to stay up with Jim West.  Hold on tight as Doerr takes you on a plot twisting read that will turn you topsy turvy."  -- John M Wills, award winning author and speaker, creator of the Chicago Warriors Thriller Series

  No One Else to Kill 

        "In the world of mysteries, Doerr’s protagonist stands out as a unique foil, a man with the skills and knowledge to solve a murder, but a burning desire to keep a low profile and avoid attention. Jim West is perfectly flawed, reluctant, and extremely likeable.  An edge-of-your-seat whodunnit, No One Else To Kill is a page turner that will keep readers guessing until the end."-- Holli Castillo, Award-winning author, Gumbo Justice and Jambalaya Justice

  Caffeine Can Kill

       “Doerr does it again. This time the vineyards and rustic beauty of Texas Hill Country mask the sleazy underbelly of sexual trafficking." -- David Harry. author of the Padre Puzzle

  The Attack

                "Sheer excitement from start to finish!!" - Bob Hicks, Retired Supervisory Special Agent